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Triathlon Update and Shots Shots Shots

For those of you who don’t know in addition to preparing for my fellowship I’ve also been training for the Nations Triathlonover the past several months.    Originally my intent was to use this endeavor as my spring board for fundraising efforts, however, after thinking about it I realized moving to Nepal is a much bigger commitment than running a race, so the triathlon has become something more for my own self-satisfaction.  The race is an Olympic Length Triathlon which takes place a month from yesterday (September 9th).   The Olympic length means that the swim is 1.5k, the bike is 40k, and the run is 10k.  While I’ve always felt quite comfortable on a bike and on the run, the water has been a whole different story.  I’ve been going to the Wilson aquatic center twice a week; however, in preparation for the big day I’ve recently upped the ante to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine.  The time is ticking down, and I will be sure to keep you all updated on my progress!
In addition to marking the 29 day mark until the triathlon, I also visited the Washington Travel Clinic today  in order to get the necessary vaccinations for my trip.  The appointment was quite interesting, as I arrived to an empty room with an iPad instead of a receptionist.  I signed in, and just a few minutes later the doctor came out and gave me the rundown on what I needed and what I should consider.  After discussing different options and reviewing my vaccination history I received three shots; Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Polio.  The doctor also gave me prescriptions for my digestive system just in case things “don’t cooperate” when I get over there…but enough of that.  Beyond some soreness in my arm, which he said will be gone tomorrow I feel pretty good.  Lots more planning to be done and updates to be made.  Actually received an email from Maggie today, to make sure I pick up a basketball net for a hoop that was just installed over there.  Which means just one thing…I need to work on my basketball skills desperately, to prevent any embarrassing mishaps from the get go.  On that note I should probably get practicing!  Hope everyone is having a Happy Friday and I’ll be sure to write again soon!
Typhoid, Hepatitis A, and Polio...Fun