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Birthday Party!

For those of you who haven’t seen the pictures on Facebook, last night we had an EPIC birthday party.  Prior to the birthday we went back into town in order to continue the quest for the remote control car, and we hit the jackpot.  I’m pretty sure we got the best remote control car in town, with sounds, lights, and an ignition.  Following the remote control car store we ran by the bakery to pick up one of the cakes, and made our way back to the house.  After we got home, we tested to car to ensure it worked, and hid it away for the big celebration.  Safira, picked up some streamers and balloons, so the two of us with the help of Sabita, Bindu, and Sarita decorated the upstairs for the big celebration.  After dinner, we all headed up to begin the party.  This was my first birthday at Kopila, I’d heard good things, and it definitely lived up to expectations, we had a blast!  The kids like a pretty good range of music, so we listened to everything from Justin Bieber, to Beyonce, to Bollywood hits.  You might notice some of my pictures are a little less than stellar.  That is largely the result of the kids taking control of the camera.  In my short time here I’ve learned that they LOVE technology.  Whether it’s borrowing an iPhone, computer, or camera they can be entertained for hours.  Following the dance party, we made our way downstairs for cake and presents.  I stuck mostly to Safira’s homemade cake, which was pretty spectacular and coated with one of my all-time favorite products…Nutella.  Following the cake, the presents, and some more shenanigans I made myself back to my room to continue planning for these Inter-House Championships.   We are just a few days away from the beginning of practices, and this afternoon I’ll be working with Matt to cut the grass and fill in the divots on the field.  More soon…