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The Beach...and then some

First off I’d like to wish two of my great friends from home some congratulations!  Bill ward and Jamie Shubert-Yanicki got married yesterday!  As much as I love it over here, I am so sad to miss events like the wedding.  While I know that a great time was had by all, it’s still hard to be 10,000 miles away on a day when two of your friends are getting married.  That said, based on some initial reactions it sounds like a great time was had by all!
The past few days have been fun over here…and we’re approaching the heart of the break and the Dashin holiday is coming up right around the corner.  To celebrate we have several things planned, which include some exciting meals, parties, etc.  Two days ago, we actually took a group trip down to the “beach” which was a ton of fun.  The bus right was interesting to say the least, and I felt like we were about to go sliding off of a mountain about 10 times.  Further, in large part the roads are not paved here so motion sickness became an issue for several of the kids.  Fortunately, most of the throwing up managed to occur once we got off the bus, with one exception.  When we got to the beach, we had it to ourselves for the first hour, which was so peaceful and relaxing.  Initially we thought the water was going to be freezing, but it turned  out to be perfect.  Not surprisingly, bathing suits aren’t too prevalent over here so there were tons of naked kids running around.  They had a blast though and so did the volunteers.  About an hour into our trip, roughly 100 people showed up to the beach, and we were not sure why.  We had heard that it would be quite quiet, and knew that it was remote after that bus ride!  It turns out that there was a funeral being held by the water’s edge, and they were doing there farewell blessings.  Following, the funeral they left and we once again had the beach to ourselves.  For a snack we had some “Fruiti’s” (Mango Juice boxes) bananas and oranges.  Following the snack, I went for a long walk to explore the forest, and this really awesome foot bridge that went over the river.   We then played some more by the water’s edge, and managed to get a Frisbee game going with some of the kids.  After Frisbee we had the most delicious lunch.  The aunties and uncles spent the afternoon preparing “Puri” which is essentially deep fried roti (think funnel cake) and mutton.  We have meat once a week, and this was a huge treat for everyone.  After lunch, we washed the pots and pans off in the river and hit the road for home.  By the time we got back everyone was spent and I was BURNED.  For some reason, I thought I would do better with the sun over here, sadly that was not the case and my back has been hurting for the past two days.
Bridge over Troubled Water

View from the Bridge to the kids

Beyond, the trip to the beach we’ve started some new things at the house.  For example, Safira has been leading Yoga every morning which has been wonderful.  Historically I’ve not really had the patience for Yoga, however, I’ve really started to enjoy it.  It’s a great way to start the day, on a peaceful and fulfilling foot.  Additionally, we just introduced Kickball to the Kopila kids.  After some serious patience, and  a steep learning curve, we had our best game to date last night.  It’s really been a wonderful game in terms of getting everyone involved…(some of the children are very young or have physical handicaps).  Also, despite some initial hiccups and frustration I think the volunteers are really enjoying it as well!
On one final note, practice has begun for the “Kopila’s Got Talent” talent show!  The kids took some time thinking about what they’re going to do last night, and we’re having our first rehearsal tomorrow.  I think I’m going to do some sort of song and dance, but have yet to decide exactly what.   Stay tuned….