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Field Day!

Hi All...below is a blog post I typed up for Maggie's blog, figured I'd post here as well!

Hi everyone, this is John guest blogging for Maggie once again! While Maggie was back home at the Forbes Women’s Summit we’ve had some exciting things going on back here at Kopila, including our first Annual Kopila Field Day. Field Day kicked off our Inter-House competition between Sun, Moon, Star, and Sky house and this year the stakes have been raised. In addition to competing for the house trophy, we’ve also promised the winning house a year end MoMo party. For those of you who were not following last year, the inter-house competition is a year round event, with points awarded for excellent behavior and achievements. As for Field Day, the morning started off with lots of energy, and the enthusiasm lasted throughout the day. Whether it was the Sun House and their award winning house cheer, or the oldest kids rooting for the nursery and KG students the day surpassed even our most optimistic expectations. Some highlights were the Donut eating challenge, which involved seeing which student could eat a donut hanging from the ceiling the fastest, an epic tug of war tournament, a nursery fruit & vegetable themed relay race, and last but certainly not least a Sari wrapping competition, where 4 Sr. Boys dressed up their house teachers. When all was said and done the Star house emerged victorious, and the day concluded with a school wide dance party up on stage. Next up for the inter-house competition is art month, which kicks off this Friday!