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So Long Nepal...Again

Well I’m sitting here in Himalayan Java on my way back to the US!   I had a great night out with Rijen last night, and met up with some of my Kathmandu friends later in the evening as well.  Kathmandu has really become a home away from home, and it’s so great to show up to so many friendly faces each time I’m here.
Beyond my night out on the town in KTM, the past 2 months have been great, granted I’ve certainly faced some challenges along the way.  The most significant albeit rewarding of these challenges was my 11 day trip to Kalikot, a trip that pushed me to the limit, but provided the necessary inspiration for the next chapter in my life.  I will be posting a significant blog post “Reflection on Kalikot” soon, which will delve more into that trip.
As for my departure, the second time around wasn’t quite as jarring, and thankfully no tears were shed.  That said, I did have one point where I nearly lost my composure.  Yesterday morning, I walked with the Vice Principal (Minn Sir) to get tea and watch the kids compete in a 5k race organized by SOS.  The same morning I was planning to say farewell to Laxmi (I’ve posted about her in the past!), but Laxmi came to the hostel while I was out cheering on the kids.  From what I’ve gathered I just missed her when I came back, and she had left into a torrential downpour.  The thought of missing my goodbye, along with visualizing Laxmi disappointed and trudging home in the pouring rain was about all I could handle.  Thankfully, Nena let me borrow her Iphone and I left her a little message to watch at school.  I guess the silver linings in saying “goodbye” is that I will be back in September, and despite missing all of the kids, staff, and fellows I love so much…I will soon be with my family and friends from the US which I look forward to, including one of my best friends Scott who is getting married on Saturday!

Hope all is well…more soon.