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Getting to Kalikot

In the previous update, John highlighted the successes with regards to the plans for a clinic, including the hiring of a doctor named Mim Bahadur Karki as well as the purchase of medicine that they planned to bring to Kalikot.

 John and the rest of the Oda team arrived safely in Kalikot by way of a 3-vehicle caravan a few days ago.  John was riding in a truck with several others, Karan followed closely behind in the motor bike that was recently purchased and blessed, and one of the uncles traveled in a bus (keeping close eye on the 20 boxes of medical equipment that had been purchased).

 Upon arriving in Kalikot they were very well received, as the village came out in full to help transport all of the medical supplies from the bus, to an area within Karan’s home that will serve as a clinic in the short-term.  This home also happens to be where John is staying, and after getting situated there, a village meeting was held and plans for the future were discussed.  Part way through the meeting though, some of the villagers interrupted with tears in their eyes, announcing that someone had just fallen off a cliff and died.  This man happened to be John’s next door neighbor. The entirety of the third day in Kalikot was thus devoted to funeral proceedings, and interactions with the deceased’s family.  The man’s children (he had six) and wife were understandably upset, and were already expressing concern for their future and well-being, whereupon John and Karan promised to look after them.

 Though this is certainly sad news, the clinic has so far proven to be very successful and necessary!  Currently protocols are being established as to who exactly they are able to treat, as people are coming from as far as 4 hours away because they’ve gotten word of the doctor in Kalikot.  

Hope everyone is doing well, and do look forward to another update sometime between now and Christmas!