The Oda Project

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Clinic Opens

The clinic has officially opened as of December 12th and has so far treated approximately 150 people (38 in the first day alone!).  It was mentioned in previous updates that protocols were being determined with regards to the treatment of individuals (how many, how serious their condition is, etc.).  As it stands, a daily limit of 40 tokens is handed out for folks to be treated, and each visit costs 100 rupees (approximately 10 cents).  Additionally, the cost of medicine for patients is half of what was paid for it in Surkhet (before it is transported to Kalikot).  Regarding this aforementioned number of patients per day, exceptions to the 40 token rule are made in the event that any sort of serious condition or accident arises.  For example, the 2nd night that the clinic was open, the doctor, Karan, John, and a few others were having a celebratory dinner when they got news that a 3 year old baby had tripped and fell into a fire.   Mim Bahadur Karki ran off into the night to attend to the baby (who ended up with only slight burns on their arm).  If he had not been there, the next nearest treatment would have been 5 hours away, but now the child is receiving fresh bandages and constant monitoring from the Oda staff. Mim Bahadur Karki is very highly regarded and is considered to be the best doctor in the entire region.  In addition to him, an administrative assistant for the clinic named Dahn Bahadur was hired, as well as an Auntie named Pulki (she helps out with cooking and various chores around the clinic and home).  The Oda team is now 5 strong (John, Mim Bahadur Karki, Karan, Dahn Bahadur, and Pulki), and so far they’ve been accomplishing a lot together.

We hope everyone is doing well, and the next update you receive will be coming from John himself!