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One Year Anniversary!

Hi everyone, yesterday was the one year anniversary of our clinic in Oda! I want to say thank you to everyone who has given us support in the past year, we are all so appreciative of your generosity - this project truly would not be possible without you! I can’t believe that a year has gone by already.  It feels like just yesterday that I was getting used to life in Oda, and we were digging out a shed to use as a clinic.  After 6,000 patients and a huge number of highs with almost as many lows, I couldn’t be happier with where the Foundation is today and where it is going.

I plan to post a more comprehensive update when I reach Kathmandu, but unfortunately, I don’t have much time or computer battery life right now.  Bobby and I made the drive to Manma (the capital of Kalikot) this morning, and arrived to a very cold and very cloudy city.  Very cloudy means not a lot of power, as pretty much everything in this district runs on solar.  To make things a bit more complicated, it has just started to snow so Bobby and I are holed up in our room with not a whole lot to do!

Despite these minor technical difficulties, I still wanted to provide you all with a quick glimpse into our latest progress.  Our new building is roughly halfway complete, with people coming to help out from all over the district.  In the video below more than 50% of the laborers were on site working voluntarily in support of our mission to bring affordable medicine to the people of Kalikot.  This is a fantastic testament to the co-investment approach we are seeking as a Foundation.  It is not just Bobby, myself, our team, or our foreign supporters contributing, this project and our efforts have truly become a team effort with “all hands on deck.”  With the donation of land and labor we could not be happier with the work being done by our community.   Our desire to provide affordable and quality health care to the people of Kalikot and the Karnali zone could not be off to a better start!

Our new building as of yesterday!

Work on the site as of yesterday!

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I am so appreciative for everyone who has supported this project.  Not only has the Oda Foundation grown so much in year one, but I have grown immensely as well.  Everyday I am faced with challenges as our project continues to take shape, whether dealing with management issues or handling complicated social dynamics, I am a far different person today than I was on December 12th 2013.  Yet, through it all I have been welcomed into a community of incredible people and have been able to find a beautiful home-away-from-home here in the mountains. Every single day I continue to learn and grow from the work that we are doing and from the amazing people that surround me, and am confident that what we are creating here will have a meaningful impact in this region for decades to come.

On one final note, I wanted to thank the Oda Foundation Board and our Advisory Board for their fantastic work while I’ve been “off the grid.”  Without a reliable, hardworking, and passionate group of people supporting us this would be impossible!  Thank you so much!

For anyone interested please take a look at Oda Foundation Board Member Kirk Adamson's recent talk about our work in Nepal!