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Little Clinic In the Mountains (A Christmas Gift)

Happy Holiday’s everyone! This morning I wanted to share a story that filled myself, my brother, and our team with immense happiness.  We’ve previously had “baby stories” featured on our blog; this story however contrasts sharply with one of our notable ones (, as today’s has a very happy ending.  It all unfolded just prior to our departure from Kalikot earlier this week.  Our staff, friends, and nearby families were going through our morning routine when a young man came running into the clinic.  “My wife has been in labor for days and we need help fast.  She’s screaming, ‘I’m going to die! I’m doing to die!’ at the top of her lungs.”.  At this point negative thoughts raced through my mind, and my heart started to beat faster and faster as I thought of the day not long ago when our friend and advisor, Doctor Kendall Massengill Lawrence, delivered a small blue baby.  While the mother survived that day, the baby did not and I could not help my mind from going to the worst possible outcome.  Upon this man’s arrival to our clinic, a feeling of dread washed over me as I thought surely we were going to lose both another baby and potentially a mother…

This is where the story takes a more positive turn.  For those of you who unfamiliar with the birthing process (including myself as recently as six months ago), the large majority of babies can be delivered in a natural manner, with very little outside interference.  If the head is down and the mother is healthy, then most of the time there should not be any major issues.  That is not the case if the baby is coming out sideways or feet first.  In this instance the baby was coming out in a breached position, and the family was in need of a medical professional.  Thankfully Sarita was up to the task and quickly made her way to the pained mother.  With the help of a sanitary birthing kit (thanks Adriel Booker, Cara Valentino, and the Love a Momma Community,  ( and Mia Amicas Globally) and her training, she was able to successfully guide the newest member of Oda into the world.   This successful delivery, resulting in a healthy mother and child, made our day as we reflected on the difference our little clinic in the mountains can make.  It gave us lots to think about and be grateful for, as we wondered just what would have happened the Foundation not been there to assist the mother and the baby.

Sarita alongside a fresh sanitary birthing kit!

Healthy Mom, Healthy Babby

Healthy baby!

Healthy Baby!

These thoughts still stick with me, and have been instrumental in crafting my attitudes towards the future of our clinic and our project.  The longer I’m here the longer I recognize the huge need for the most basic medical treatments.  Though we have treated thousands of patients in year one, there are hundreds of thousands in our District and Zone who lack such basic care.  It is our goal to continue working with local communities as we expand our sustainable, locally driven programs with the aim to improve education and health outcomes in Kalikot and the remainder of the Karnali Zone.

I look forward to updating everyone more in the coming couple of weeks, with more stories from our most recent stay in Oda along with more detailed plans for what should be an exciting 2015!