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Building Update!

Hi Everyone, Greetings and Happy February, things are starting to slowly warm up in Nepal…but it’s still quite chilly out, and I’m hastily typing this update with what little solar power we have. I always find it so tricky to type, when my fingers feel like ice cubes!  Cold weather aside things are going very well in Oda.  We are brutally close to opening and moving into our facility which is wonderful, but has also been a huge test in patience.  As with everything in Nepal, things are running a bit behind and mentally I’m ready to move in and begin work and implementation of our new clinic policies.  Please take a look at the pictures below, which shows our new medical facility (the two story building), our patient waiting area (the gazebo in the center), and our new kitchen and tutoring facility (the long one story building).

New Pictutes 2.6 075 New Pictutes 2.6 062 New Pictutes 2.6 064

In addition the building progress we finalized a solar arrangement with Sunfarmer (, which was discussed in the previous blog post.  We really hope this site will go a long way in providing a much needed improvement from the status quo in our area.  I was reminded of this status quo last week when I went to a wedding 6 hours from Oda. I got to talking to the people from the area about their health system, and they said it was great relative to the rest of the district but still underwhelming.  Based on the conversation, I asked them to take me to their government health post the following day.  When I arrived I saw what I expected to see which was an inefficiently run facility, with far too few resources.  With only 25 medicines and an annual budget of $600 for medicine, it is nearly impossible for them to effectively treat the needs of the Kalikot people.  It is our goal to efficiently manage our areas health system, while providing our medical team with the tools they need to succeed.

The medical supplies for a VDC of over 10,000 people.

Thanks so much for reading, and apologies for the brief post!  While there is so much more to update on, cold fingers and a dying computer make it challenging to write much more!  Thank you all for your support!