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We Did It...Again!

Cold weather and rains did not stop our team from cutting wood for the project.

With winter coming to an end in America…we are experiencing the same thing here in Nepal.  While there hasn't been a polar vortex, winter closed in emphatic fashion earlier this week with 5 days of icy cold rain and flooding.  Despite the terrible weather, we’ve now had three beautiful days which has been a welcome reprieve and given the bones some time to thaw.  It also gave us time to make the move into our new facility.

After nearly 8 months of constant work, we determined that the time had come to make the change. Things are not yet perfect on the new site…to be honest they’re far from it.  Having seen our team work since August, I’ve been truly amazed at the effort behind construction efforts in rural areas.  The entire construction process has been done without electricity, with virtually all of the materials and labor being sourced from our local community.  I’ve been working with Bobby, to put together a series of posts chronicling the efforts of our different labor teams including the masons, carpenters, and the rest of our team. Despite the challenges of working and building in Oda the day came and it was a wonderful site!  A huge team of villagers came out to support the move, and helped carry our supplies from the old to the new.  One of the major focuses of our work is to secure local and international support, as we work collaboratively towards success.  When we set out a huge precondition was that our efforts would be equaled by the efforts of the local community.  It is days like yesterday that reaffirm that on that front, our first year and a half has been an enormous success.

Medcine Convoy
Medicine Convoy

I’m hugely excited for the next several weeks, as different parts of the building open for use.  This includes our kitchen, training centre/classroom, office, and bedrooms.  In just a few days time, the SunFarmer team is coming out to install our solar which should provide uninterrupted electricity for the next five to eight years.


In one last bit of news, I’m returning to the States on March 23rd and am excited to get caught up with everyone. Later this afternoon I’m heading back to Oda, and won’t have internet access until I begin the journey back to the States.  When I return, I’m excited to post lots more pictures and updates about everything that is unfolding on the ground.

Lastly, this morning we said bye to Cara Skillingstead a community health specialist who helped us sure up our Foundation policies and practices.  Her visit was both fun and productive, and while she’s leaving the work she put in will remain with us for years to come. Thanks Cara for everything, we will miss you more than a few sentences could ever convey!

Cara, Kalle, and their Terrace!!