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Impact on Oda & Rural Health in Nepal

After my previous update I received a large number of emails asking how the earthquake will impact the Oda Foundation's rural health and education services in the days and weeks to come. This email is intended to give you a brief update, and provide you with information on how you can help.

While the Foundation and its immediately surrounding area emerged unscathed from the earthquake, the impact of the ensuing crisis on us will likely be significant. Kathmandu is the countries main transportation hub for supplies and staff. The damage to the region means that our access to medicine and personnel may be affected.  This means the Oda Foundation will likely face increased costs, more challenging logistics, and greater uncertainty heading forward.

At the same time, Oda is busier than ever addressing the needs of the people in the Kalikot district. The number of Nepalese treated at the clinic has steadily increased and is currently running at more than 40 per day, partly in response to a recent outbreak of swine flu. The local government is relying on our support--as are our patients, who have been drawn to the clinic by our reputation for success.
We want to proactively prepare for potential increased costs and logistical challenges resulting from the earthquake and swine flu outbreak by raising additional funds to ensure that we can maintain an uninterrupted flow of needed medicine and supplies. If you would like to help us with this effort, contributions can be made online at the Oda Foundation's Website. Donations in any amount would be greatly appreciated and can certainly be put to good use.  
We are thankful for the incredible generosity the global community has shown in response to this natural disaster. The Foundation will be here to support the Nepalese during this crisis and afterward as the country rebuilds. 
To help those immediately impacted by the earthquake, please also consider supporting the International Medical Corp or the America Nepal Medical Foundationearthquake relief fund and their efforts led by Dr. Bijay Acharya.
Thank you for all of your past support and ongoing interest in The Oda Foundation.
John Christopher