The Oda Project

Essential healthcare and education - giving Nepali communities in extreme poverty a fighting chance

Summer Update

It’s been some time since I’ve updated the news portion of the website.   Things have been going very well in Nepal, and we have several exciting announcements for the coming weeks and months, including major organizational milestones that we’ve recently reached.   Over the past two months I’ve been in the US focused on awareness and administrative work (including the about page of our site!), while Karan continues to work in Nepal to run day to day operations in Oda.  In addition to running Oda Medical, we’ve developed deeper relationships with the District Government, and recently hosted them and co-sponsored a health camp with their team.  I’ve been extremely fortunate to have a team that is working for all of the right reasons, led by Karan who cares so deeply about the work.  Below please check out some recent pictures of our progress in Oda including a chart which shows the number of patients visiting us relative to last year at this time.

The pictures above show (clockwise from top left)  IV's being administered in our new patient hall, Director Karan Singh meeting with District Officials in Oda, Facility Progress, Facility Progress.

The uptick in patients per month is a testament to our team in Nepal led by Karan and Mim Karki. As word of Oda spreads throughout the District, people have come from increasingly daunting distances, and 7 hour trips (14 hours roundtrip) are commonplace. Thanks to our new facility and your support we have the ability to treat more patients to a higher standard.