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New Oda Rockstar

I am getting settled into Kathmandu, but I wanted to pass along a quick personnel update.  2 weeks ago we hired Jagat Thapa, and so far he has been a superstar.   Jagat is an HA (Health Assistant), which required 3 years of medical training and is the highest certification short of a full doctor in Nepal.  Not only does he speak incredible English, but he really takes the mission to heart and is already making a huge difference.  Just the other day, a young girl came in with meningitis, and Jagat monitored her vigorously, making sure that we were doing everything we could to help her.  That included visits to her home and phone calls to her parents to make sure she was progressing as expected.  In addition to strong report with the people, Jagat has also been invaluable to me.  He has taken the lead on data collection and monitoring, and recently accompanied me to the district health office, where he met with Government Officials on Oda’s behalf.   In the future we expect Jagat to run point on a community health outreach and education campaign which we are planning in coordination with the district government, I will update more on that soon!

We are thrilled to welcome Jagat to our team, and feel extremely fortunate to have added another piece to an incredible puzzle.  I’d also like to thank all of you, without your continued support we would not be able to make hires like this…which are imperative to our work in Nepal.  Thank you!